How to book your lessons

How to book your lessons

Step One: Book & Pay for your lesson package

Use our Lessons page to select the lesson package you'd like. You'll be taken over to our booking platform, Acuity Scheduling, to set up your lesson package. Just a few quick details—your name and email, then confirm your payment, and you're almost on the range!

Step Two: Lesson Scheduling Link

Right after purchase, you'll find a bright 'Schedule' link. Click it to choose the perfect time to improve your swing. Just in case you're not ready to book in yet, don't worry. Check your email for the 'Schedule' link and your certificate code for lesson redemption. We've got you covered.

Step Three: Book your lessons

Click 'Schedule' to decide whether you're in for a quick 30-minute tune-up or an hour of honing your skills, then pick your slot.

Step Four: You're all set!

With a click on 'Complete Appointment,' you're all set for success. Look out for your lesson confirmation.