2hrs Beginner Course

Improvemygolf beginner golf taster course
Beginner Golf Taster Course £25pp


When learning something new it needs to be fun.

In our taster course, our golf coach will demonstrate and instruct you how to play all facets of the game.

You will learn interesting facts about the game of golf, the golf equipment, and the golf course.

Included in the lesson

- Golf clubs,

- Golf Tution.

(Golf balls are to be purchased from the driving range by each individual golfer on the day).


- Introduction to the basic technique of the golf swing.

- Pitching

- Chipping

- Putting

Recommended for

- No/little golf experience.

- Wanting to learn general overview of the golf game.

- couples, friends, family, single golfer, peers and corporate.


2 hours.


Bowlee Park Golf Range
Heywood Old Road, Middleton,
Manchester, M24 4TH .


Minimum 4
Maximum 8.

Please feel welcome to invite family, friends and peers.

Recommended Dress Code

Casual comfortable clothing. Jeans allowed. Comfortable footwear (Trainers, golf shoes).


Beginner Golf Taster Course £25pp